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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday, 05.03: Kubica`s fans have to be patient

Robert Kubica is already making some rehabilitation exercises, but it is only beginning of his long way to get full physical fitness. He will have to show stamina and determination. All his fans should be patient.
Yesterday boss of Lotus Renault team , Eric Boullier said, that he is in permanent contact with Robert, who has started rehabilitation programme, but it`s only beginning of huge effort, which Robert is going to take on
his route to F1 comeback.

The Frenchman said also, that Kubica is aware of his condition and he knows that there is long way to full efficiency of his body: "It will be tough period of time for him, but he is mentally strong, which is
surprising for doctors" - said Boullier.

Everything so far is going in good direction, but we still don`t know will Robert be able to have full moveability in his right hand. Probably it will be known in next few weeks. Kubica`s fans are waiting for good

From whole world there are coming best wishes for Robert. Next week he will get 4 fat books with fans wishes which were sending to him through Robert will be reading them in hospital.

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