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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, 28.03: Kubica was watching race as a child watching a cartoon"

Robert Kubica in the last 11 years have not had many opportunities to watch Formula 1 races live on TV, since 2006 he did not do this at all. Unfortunately, now he was forced to watch his rivals actions from his bed in hospital in Pietra Ligure. But Pole`s manager, Daniele Morelli, said that watching race was a great pleasure for Kubica. Italian compared Kubica to "a child watching a cartoon."

Pole saw competition at Albert Park in Melbourne in the company of his girlfriend, Edyta Witas and Daniele Morelli. A big surprise for Robert was the pace of his team, Lotus Renault GP. He said that already during the tests car seemed to be very fast. Kubica was very happy with third place of Petrov. Kubica congratulated Russian, saying that he rode as "an experienced driver, keeping nerves of steel, and did not make even the slightest mistake."

Besides the thrill of his team's performance, Kubica was very pleased with a battle for fourth place firstly between Massa and Button, and then between Alonso and Webber. Pole was touched by the greeting, which his team mates were holding in Australia.

"Robert was happy to see how many friends he has in the paddock" - said Morelli.

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