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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday, 25.03: Kubica is mentaly strong

Robert Kubica, who has been six weeks in the hospital Santa Corona in Pietra Ligure and probably will losea full season 2011 remains in pretty good mental condition, taking into account how much Pole lost by a horrible accident in Rally Ronde di Andora.
Kubica`s good mental condition told us his friend, a sports journalist, Roberto Chinchero. He has visited Kubica recently and has been surprised by Robert's optimism and the fact that Lotus Renault driver was able to make jokes.

"Depression does not threaten him, most importantly, he is an optimist" - said today Chinchero. Italian also said that someone else in  Kubica`s situation would be prostrated, but the Pole remains strong and determined.

We believe that Robert will remain in a positive mood and it will help him in rehabilitation.

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