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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, 18.03: In three weeks Kubica will start walking

Doctors from hospital Santa Corona in Pietra Ligure released today a medical bulletin, in which they reported that Robert Kubica may begin to walk in three weeks. Kubica`s condition after Saturday`s elbow surgery is good. Rehabilitation of the hand, shoulder and right leg will be continued according to schedule.

For more than a week doctors didn`t give us any official reports about Kubica`s health. They did it today, informing that "driver passed well last elbow surgery, which
was aimed to restore its proper functioning." We also know that the surgeons who operated Polish driver are happy with his progress and they are describing rehabilitation as satisfactionary.

Kubica has physical therapy of hand, shoulder and leg. To exercise elbow it is still too early.

Soon you will see the first tangible effects of rehabilitation, because, according to today`s anouncement, in about three weeks - two months after crash - Kubica will be able to start walking.

We have to remember that part which suffered most at February 6 was his right hand and of its efficiency will depend  chances of returning Pole to racing in Formula 1. However, current progress projected well for the future taking into account the severity of Kubica`s injuries.

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