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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday, 04.03: Kubica is getting well in good mood

Doctors form Santa Corona hospital are satisfied with Robert Kubica`s condition progress. The Pole is slowly getting stronger and he is doing it with smile on his face. Whole medical personnel is surprised with such a good mental state of Polish driver.
Today we get  informations about Robert from two sources: spokesman of Santa Corona`s hospital - Roberto Carrozzino and Lotus Renault team boss, Eric Boullier. The Frenchman spoke about his recent visit to Kubica: "I was with Robert on Wednesday. Everything is ok,  this week he began rehabilitation. The most seriously injured is his elbow and hand. We have to wait several more weeks with the predictions."

Boullier told us, that as so far everything is going well and Robert is in good mood which is surprising for medical personnel in hospital: "They were amazed to see that smile never disappears from his face."

Santa Corona`s spokesman, Roberto Carrozzino told today about Kubica`s medical condition. The Italian explained, that lack of new official reports about Robert is caused by the fact, that there are no big changes
in his condition. Carozzino announced that there are not planned any new medical bulletins, because the recovery after such major injuries must take a long time and is very slow.

"Now we are waiting to heal all injuries" - added Carrozzino.

Over  next few weeks, doctors should get a clearer picture of the health status of Robert and then they will tell us about the next steps.

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