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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, 28.02: Robert`s full rehabilitation programme will start for a month

Robert Kubica`s full rehabilitation programme after horrible rally crash in Ronde di Andora will start in about 3-4 weeks. Doctors` task is to restore full power in broken leg and hand. So far Kubica is taking light rehabilitation exercises.
Robert, for now, is still lying on hospital bed and resting after 3 surgeries. Doctors are waiting with rehabilitation to heal enough all injuries and knit the bones.

Today, Santa Corona hospital`s spokesman Roberto Carrozzino, said that Kubica`s medical and mental condition is good. Asked about rehabilitation, Carrozzino said:

"All tissues and wounds have to heal over and it`s natural that it has to take some time. After that we can start talking about full recover. Full rehabilitation will start about 3 to 4 weeks. Kubica is now under an orthopedist care, who is controlling his clinical condition everyday. Kubica is starting to make first moves with him."

But spokesman warned, that to be in full health, Kubica have to be patient.

I`m sure that Robert will be patient. But some of media aren`t already. Today one of the Polish sport journals wrote, that Kubica can return to Formula 1 in Belgium Grand Prix (September, 28).

It`s off course to soon to predict date of his comeback. We even don`t know will he be able to move his elbow.

Doctors said on Friday, that full rehabilitation will take 8-10 months from its start in first days of April. Counting 8 months from April we have December, when Formula 1 season is over.

We have to remember that rehabilitation  is only a return to normal health. Kubica will have to come back to Formula 1 driver shape. Moreover, he will have to pass medical exams which will allow him to participate in grand prix races.

During one single race Formula 1 driver is experiencing overload force about 4G. F1 car is also vibrating and that can cause decomposition of freshly knitted Kubica`s bones. Furthermore, F1 drivers are loosing about 1 gallon of water during the race. Kubica`s body cannot be ready for such devastation after three complicated surgeries.

All predictions mentioned in this report will come true only if there will be no complications with Robert`s bones, muscles, joints and nerves.

Obviously, Robert is not a usual man and many times he was shocking everyone, but there are some things in life which are hard to be got over quickly.

We all want to see Robert back in Formula 1 car, but we have to be patient. As Polish fans wrote during tests in Barcelona: Robert, we will wait, because it`s worth to wait for you.

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